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Welcome To A Tribute To The Eyeliners Site

Thanks for checking this site out. This is a dedicated fan page for The Eyeliners. I try to post news and updates of what is happening with The Eyeliners. This site has videos clips and photos of The Eyeliners performing in El Paso, TX or other locations. Keep an eye on this site for updates. Bookmark as one of your favorite sites to keep track on what is happening with this Albuquerque band.

I first saw The Eyeliners in El Paso, TX at Club 101 a few years back. A good friend of mine had a band who opened for The Eyeliners. I did not know who The Eyeliners were at first. I usually supported my good friend Teddy whenever he was playing around El Paso. I thought I would go for support and The Eyeliners looked like it would be a great show to see (noticed http://theeyeliners.com before going). I didnt know any of thier music but once they played on stage it sounded really awesome. That same evening I had the chance to meet The Eyeliners at another hangout bar that Teddy invited for a beer. The Eyeliners showed up and I spoke to mostly Laura and Gel. Laura is the singer/drummer, Gel is the rad guitar player and Lisa is an awesome bass player. They are very sweet and very cool ladies to talk to. I reccomend to watch them on stage whenever possible.

The Eyeliners are known as playing on stage at the Van's Warped Tour. In April 2005 they released thier latest album called "No Apologies". Produced with the best people in the business, 80's rocker female guitarist/singer Joan Jett and producer Kenny Laguna at Blackheart Records Group. I am happy to say that The Eyeliners are part of the Blackheart Record Group. CORRECTION: As of 12/06, The Eyeliners are no longer with Blackheart Records Group. As posted at The Eyeliners Website.

The Eyeliners are getting recognized more and some of thier music is being played on MTV. This is great news for the girls.

The article that is posted on this page was written by the webmaster herself. With the help of Christian Chapman, Editor of Sirempressario Magazine in El Paso, Texas. Graphics help from Carlos at Sirempressario Magazine. The article was never posted in any magazines or such. I own the copyright to the article.

EYELINERS NEWS: The Eyeliners have been on hiatus and quit Blackhearts Record Group in December 2006. They are currently living love, real jobs and real life. Congrat's goes to Laura Eyeliner who got married in November 2007. Congrat's also goes to Lisa Eyeliner, who has been a Mom since November 2006. It looks to me that The Eyeliners took a chance of retiring. I do not know if this is permanent or if this is just some time off. A few are occupied with a new business in some dirt bike riding gear called MOTOARMY. Take a look at MOTOARMY.COM and read the ABOUT US section. It looks like the business is a big hit.

WHATS UP WITH ME: I'm still living it up in Boise, Idaho and still attending a small college. I'm hoping to graduate in May with a Liberal Arts degree. Then hopefully move on to Boise State University and get a degree in Music Business. Maybe it will get me a job at a record label or maybe own my own record label. As some of you all know, I like to keep track of female fronted Indie rock bands. I've been doing this since 2003 and I took a small break for a year and a half when I moved up to Boise. Most of it was due to not having the transportation to venues, lack of funding, and I decided to return to college in January of 2011. I had a chance to work on a project in 2012 for a Painting II class. I decided to paint female performers I have seen live on stage. It was a tough choice on some of my pickings, because there were so many bandmates in each band that I didn't want them to miss out. But I also had a limit of how many females I wanted in this project. I had a total of 10 skateboards and narrowed it down to 5. There was not a whole lot of space on a skateboard for each performer. I decided to have Laura Eyeliner, Nina Diaz, Joan Jett, Abisha Uhl (including Jessie Farmer), and Gel Eyeliner. I could have used all 10 skateboards if I wanted to but there was a limit of time and the idea was to focus on particular areas about "Women in Rock". To focus on this group in particular, the women were not very well known, except for Joan Jett. I had her in the middle spot to take the place of who these women look up to in music. The others were lead singers and guitar players. I also added 3 canvasses and they focused to 3 of the women out of the 5. Besides having video photography as a hobby of mine, photography was another hobby. When I started going to see The Eyeliners in concert venues, I decided to take a camera along and take snapshots of what I can take. Then after when digital cameras were becoming a big hit, they started having video available. As soon as I got a reliable digital camera that had good sound and video playback, I decided to take more videos and take less photographs. I caught some good snapshots while these ladies were on stage and used the features what each one represented as in their own style outlook would be. Laura Eyeliner wore some nice looking skull heeled shoes, Nina Diaz wearing her Doc iconic boots, and Gel Eyeliner was always strutting around doing all kind of guitar tricks she did while on stage. On August 2012, the 5 skateboards and 3 canvasses had the opportunity to be displayed at Nfinit Art Gallery in downtown Boise, Idaho. Only 4 skateboards were chosen to be displayed for the month of August. Unfortunately, my name was not printed in the downtown First Friday and Boise Weekly, not untill the September 2012 issues.

This is all I have to say for now. Thanks again for reading and bookmark this site for news info about The Eyeliners. I try to update this site as much as I can.

UPDATED: February 23, 2013

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